A Lonely Zabrakian Named Draco Night Has Reunited The Sith Under One Name, The Devil Wings. Will You Help Him Control The Star Wars Galaxy? Only YOU Can Decide, What Is Your Decision?
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 SWEE Dark Jedi Ranks

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Draco Night
Supreme Dark Jedi Master - Darth Angelus
Supreme Dark Jedi Master - Darth Angelus

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PostSubject: SWEE Dark Jedi Ranks   Tue Jul 01, 2008 3:51 pm

These are the Dark Jedi Ranks in SWEE, starting with the highest and ending with the lowest.

1) Supreme Dark Jedi Master - This is the ruler of the Dark Jedi and the Sith and Dark Jedi Clan, The Devil Wings. Only one Dark Jedi may have this title, he is Draco Night.

2)Dark Jedi Master - These are the most powerful Dark Jedi, they have much respect and loyalty to the Supreme Dark Jedi Master. They are also have the most power and authority, besides the Supreme Dark Jedi Master.

3) Dark Jedi Lord - These are the powerful Dark Jedi who have power and authority, they have shown their loyalty and respect to the Supreme Dark Jedi Master.

4) Dark Jedi Knight - These are the Dark Jedi that have ususally reached there peak. But some Dark Jedi that show there loyalty and respect can advance past this rank. They have normal power and authority.

5) Dark Jedi Apprentice - These are the Dark Jedi that have past the requirements with there trainers and are given a Master to train them. They have very little power and no authority.

6) Dark Jedi Padawan - These are the new Dark Jedi, they have to learn the way of the Dark Sides of the Force and also, what is different about them compared to the Sith. If they do then they are given a Master and the rank of Dark Jedi Apprentice.
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SWEE Dark Jedi Ranks
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