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 Nick Burns profile pending

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Nick Burn


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Character Role Playing Sheet
Character Name: Nick Burn
Character Faction: Dark Jedi
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PostSubject: Nick Burns profile pending   Wed Jul 29, 2009 2:08 pm

Name:Nick Burn

Weight:275 (Muscle and machinery)



Gender: Male

Eye Color:Metalic Hazel

Hair Color:Space black made of metal.

Skin Color:Pale

Home World:Mars

Species:Human Cyborg

Class:Dark Jedi trainee

Pesonality:Cruel,Temper mental.Sadistic,cold,violent.Psychotic.

Talents/Skills:Machinery repair,Combat,Hand to hand fighting,Tactics and strategy's

Languages:Galactic basic and much much more.

Physical Apperence:Machine and human.

History:Nick grew up on mars with his parents.One day while playing Nick fell and landed hard destroying his hands and feet.On the way down he landed in a vile disease nest that ate his hair.To keep them from going into his skull doctors replaced his old hair with metal hair.His feet and hands were replaced as well a month later Nick went blind and had his eyes replaced over the years Nick had add on's added to his machine parts.
Nick Burn
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Nick Burns profile pending
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