A Lonely Zabrakian Named Draco Night Has Reunited The Sith Under One Name, The Devil Wings. Will You Help Him Control The Star Wars Galaxy? Only YOU Can Decide, What Is Your Decision?
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 White Wolf Profile

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White Wolf
Dark Jedi Padawan
Dark Jedi Padawan

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Character Role Playing Sheet
Character Name: White Wolf
Character Faction: Dark Jedi
Experience Points:
3500/1000000  (3500/1000000)

PostSubject: White Wolf Profile   Mon Aug 04, 2008 11:25 am

Name - White Wolf

Weight - 135

Height - 6'5

Age - 21

Gender - Female

Eye Color - Hazle Brown

Hair Color - White

Skin Color - Mocha Brown

Home World - Saturn

Species - Wolf Descendant

Class - Dark Jedi

Pesonality - Smiley, Hyper, Silly, Mad, Pissy Sometimes, And Caring.

Talents/Skills - Sword Welder, Combat Fighter, Spells Castor, Heath Healer.

Lanuages - English, French, Japaniess.

Phsycial Apperance - Bust, Sexy, Think, And Nice Toned.

History - On the Street Born, Had No Family History Growing up in a
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White Wolf Profile
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