A Lonely Zabrakian Named Draco Night Has Reunited The Sith Under One Name, The Devil Wings. Will You Help Him Control The Star Wars Galaxy? Only YOU Can Decide, What Is Your Decision?
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 Lo'Gosh's Character Profile

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Dark Jedi Apprentice

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Character Name: Lo'Gosh
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PostSubject: Lo'Gosh's Character Profile   Sun Aug 03, 2008 3:28 pm

Age - 21

Height - 7'2"

Weight - 260lbs

Skin Color - Light Carmel

Hair Color - Black

Eye Color - Left Eye White, Right eye Black.

Specie - Lycanthrope/Unknown

HomeWorld - Earth

Class - Dark Jedi

Language - Galatic Basic, Unknown

Psysical Apperance - Lo'Gosh has Long black hair that use to be dread locks, his top changes alot. Very muscular Built, his arms shielded with Guards of Spikes. A long sword 6ft strapped to his back called "The Sword of Aeons". Wearing black combat boots and a long Flowing Trench-coat.

History - He was born on a different planet then Earth but never figured out it's name. Earth was his home for many of his teenage years, he was found by a trader and took him into Slavery. Fighting him in Arena's to win gold, that was his meaning to the world. He was then sold to the highest bidder. The whole journey started all over again untill he was sold to a Female, they ended up falling in love but the Dark Forces of the world came and took his love from him, thus starting on the Journey for their destruction or the Lust of Power.
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Lo'Gosh's Character Profile
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