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 Mark Rosh - Grey Jedi

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Mark Rosh
Grey Jedi Knight
Grey Jedi Knight

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Character Name: Mark Rosh
Character Faction: Grey Jedi
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PostSubject: Mark Rosh - Grey Jedi   Fri Aug 01, 2008 10:32 am

Name - Mark Toya Rosh

Age - 26

Height - 5' 8"

Weight - 120

Skin Color - White

Hair Color - Auburn

Eye Color - Green

Specie - Human/Hapan

Homeworld - Coruscant

Class - Grey Jedi

Skills - Force and Lightsabers. Hand to hand combat. Starfighter piloting.

Languages - Basic, Huttese, Hapan, Rodese, Understands most of the rest of the languages, just cannot speak them.

Physical Appearance - Tall, skinny. Minor build.

History - Mark Rosh was originally a Jedi in the Order. When he killed his master with anger and fury, he was exiled out to Iridonia at age twenty. He eventually learned the ways of the Grey Jedi and became not good, nor bad. He took the color of Viridian for his lightsaber to show his non-alignment to the Jedi or Sith. He then stole a ship called the Recluse 1, his starfighter, and now has left Iridonia.
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Mark Rosh - Grey Jedi
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