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 Sace Tattooine Battle

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Grand Sith Shadow Master

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PostSubject: Sace Tattooine Battle   Wed Jul 23, 2008 10:10 pm

jedi are attacking tattooine by space trying to take sith intelegence for stronger weapons do not let them pass and give them hell
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Draco Night
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Supreme Dark Jedi Master - Darth Angelus

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PostSubject: Re: Sace Tattooine Battle   Thu Aug 07, 2008 3:39 am

Draco was in his TIE Fighter, with three Dark Jedi on either side of him as he exited he exited HyperSpace and saw the battle taking place in space. He chuckled as he went over the ComLink and reported to Winder, "I am here, so need to fear. I have brought six Dark Jedi with me, and soon Lo'Gosh will com and he will probably have some reinforcements. I also have two Dark Jedi Capital Ships, fully loaded with troopers and fighters that are ready to go into HyperSpace and rendovous here, if they are needed. So lets get ready for the party, gentlemen." Draco then went flying into battle, and his escorts of Dark Jedi fighters flying swiftly and closely behind and beside him. He went weaving in and out of blaster and cannon fire, he saw as three Sith Capital Ships were facing three Jedi Capital Ships on the other side. They are faing each other and were just hammering each other with cannon and blaster fire, there was also a smaller Jedi Frigate that was acting as a gaurd for the samller ships that got to close to the Jedi Capital Ships.
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Sace Tattooine Battle
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