A Lonely Zabrakian Named Draco Night Has Reunited The Sith Under One Name, The Devil Wings. Will You Help Him Control The Star Wars Galaxy? Only YOU Can Decide, What Is Your Decision?
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 winders profile

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Grand Sith Shadow Master
Grand Sith Shadow Master

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Character Name: Winder
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PostSubject: winders profile   Mon Jul 14, 2008 12:10 am

Name- Winder

Weight- 135 Pounds

Height- 6 ft 7 in

AGE- 21

Personality- a very quiet sith and when tested he completes everything he is told to do. He was not a fighter but when he does fight he fights kill when ever killing he has a speacalty for taking his enemys weapons or other objects from their corspe as trophys. Hes has a deep connection with the dark force and is known for untold events on his home planet. But he is usally peacfl and normal but always quiet.

Homeworld- Tatooine

Color- white

species- Human

Gender- male

eye color- Blood Red

hair color- black and red

Class- Grand Sith Shadow Master

Talents/Skills- weilds 2 sabers one in each hand great sniper and best in his class at sabering

Languages- Glactic basic only and (accient language (oregon unknown)

Pyschial apperance- always wears cloaks to hide scars on his torse saber wound on his left shoulder and one long cut from left side of his chest down to is right side. wears jedi jeans (aka what anikin wore in sw3) and carrys one red saber and one blue one.

History- born in outskirts of Tatooine winder is a skilled leaner father and mother both kill took in by sith lord (name unknown) at the age of 10 he went to birthplace and killed his parents murders with saber and his master was ver pleased and saw that he had great potenicle and began to trian him instantly at the age of 17 he killed his master out of rage and haterd and was never heard of again he is now ready to learn more and his hunger for the darkness is stronger. died at 20 recloned that night stronger then most sith and can kill any rank
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winders profile
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