A Lonely Zabrakian Named Draco Night Has Reunited The Sith Under One Name, The Devil Wings. Will You Help Him Control The Star Wars Galaxy? Only YOU Can Decide, What Is Your Decision?
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 Example Character Profile

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Draco Night
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Supreme Dark Jedi Master - Darth Angelus

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PostSubject: Example Character Profile   Mon Jun 30, 2008 6:24 pm

Below is all the information you need to put in your Character Profile, and some information about the information you need to put in your Character profile is included below as well.

Name - Your Character's Name (Doesn't have to be your name or your SWEE Account Name) But don't use well-known fictional Character Names like Frodo Jones or Bob Skywalker. You can't use titles in your name either like Darth Friedian or King Caspian. You can use well-known fictional Character's first names though, Han Legian or Luke Jones.

Age - Your Character's Age (Doesn't have to be your real age).

Height - Your Character's Height (Doesn't have to be your real height).

Weight - Your Character's Weight (Doesn't have to be your real weight).

Skin Color - Your Character's Skin Color (Doesn't have to be your real skin color)

Hair Color - Your Character's Hair Color (Doesn't have to be your real hair color).

Eye Color - Your Character's Eye Color (Doesn't have to be your real eye color).

Specie - Your Character's Specie (Human, Tuskan, Iridonian, Ex...).

Homeworld - Your Character's Homeworld (A planet in the Star Wars Galaxy).

Class - Your Character's Class (Sith or Dark Jedi).

Skills - Your Character's Skills (Fighter Pilot, Droid Repairs, Ship Repairs, Ex...). Try and stay realistic here, no one is a Master at everything.

Languages - Languages Your Character Can Speak (Huttese, Tuskan, Zarbrakian, Ex...). Galatic Basic must be one of your languages. Try to be realistic here as well, try to keep 1 to 4 languages. Not counting Galatic Basic.

Physical Appearance - Your Character's Physical Appearance (What your character wears, his uasual weapon, scars, and even tattooes.) Don't be affraid to type as much as you want, there is no limit.

Personality - Your Character's Personality (What you character is like.) Don't be afraid to be creative here, and type as much as you like.

History - Your Character's History (The History of your Charcter can be as long as you want it to be, or you can have a short couple of sentences and make your Character's history up as you go along SWEE. But don't put things like, your dad is Obi Wan Kenobi or your sister is Padme. So try and be believable here and not say that you discovered a new planet or once on the Jedi Council. Also, you are either a Sith or Dark Jedi, once was a Jedi but now is a Sith, so we are all on the same team.

This is the Example Character Creation Profile, remember to included all of this information in your Character Profile. And if you want for help you can look at my Character Profile, Draco Night's (Admins's) Character Profile in Accepted Profiles.
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Example Character Profile
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